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24hrs.This was the <CodingAustria> Hackathon.

The <CodingAustria> Hackathon is an initiative to digitize the Gemeinden in Austria. With their traditions and communities Austrians‘ small towns and villages have a lot of potential for new digital ideas and accessibility.

The goal of the <CodingAustria> Hackathon is to improve the platforms, tools and opportunities in small communities in Austria, and maybe even establish a role model to all of Europe.

The Challenges.Embrace the Gemeinde

Modern technology allows people to work from their home wherever they are. What other opportunities can technology bring to the countryside? At the Hackathon participants have an opportunity to take a step into the future of living outside the city by solving specific real- life challenges for real people:

  • Digitale Gemeinde – bringing people together
  • Breaking Boundaries – creating new digital opportunities
  • Sustainable life – saving resources for tomorrow
  • Mobility outside cities – finding new ways for transportation
  • Have fun – connect people for sports and cultural activities

We will share more detailed information about the specific challenges at the event, we give our best to provide enough information but still lots of freedom for creativity, to balance this event fruitful for everybody.

Participants.Over 100 People participating

Participants are students, employees, freelancers, experimenters. Different perspectives help to create new ideas. We are an inclusive event welcoming all cultures, genders, ages and backgrounds.

Visionaries of Cities and Villages



Team Players

Hands on Girls&Guys&Beauties


Prizes.Participate and win cash prizes

  • Stern Icon

    2. Place

    € 2.500,-
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    € 4.000,-
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    3. Place

    € 1.000,-

Additional Prizes

Awesome prizes for following challenges:

Schwammerl Icon
Open Source Challenge
€ 1.000,-
Kirschen Icon
Diversity Challenge
€ 1.000,-
Wolken Icon
Register Challenge
€ 1.000,-
Alpbach Icon

A winner team will recieve Tickets for the Conference Week II TEC at this years Forum Alpbach. More information at

Agenda.2days, 24hs, full weekend

Saturday, 30.07.2022

10:00Opening & Registration
11:00Official Greeting, Presentation of Rules and Constraints
11:30Forming Teams and Challenge Selections
13:00Official Hackathon Start
21:00Night Hacking

Sunday, 31.07.2022

10:00Pitch Training with Trainer
13:00Project Submission
16:00Winner announcement
17:00Dinner, Drinks & Networking

LocationCenter of Vienna

The RUBICON Office is located in the heart of the city of Vienna and will treat you with great food, perfect working conditions and space to relax, sleep, work through the night.

plan of location


Gonzagagasse 16, 1010 Vienna, Austria

plan of location

FAQs.Everything you need to know

It is always an exciting time when participating at a hackathon. No matter if you a frequent participant, a curious one or an absolutely newbie - do you have any questions? We've got you covered!

Visit the FAQs